Welcome to Bar One Composites

This is your source for all info relating to composite materials. This website provides a free reference to anybody interested in composite materials. If you have an interest in Carbon Fiber, Kevlar, Fiberglass, or similar, then you are in the right place. Some of the projects listed here, I am working on myself, others have been submitted by viewers. If you are new to composites, I recomend starting in the FAQ section for general material information.

For more advanced users, you may find the Projects Section more I am always looking to add to the project list andinformation already on the site so if you see any incorrect information, missing information, or have and ideas to improve the site please let me know.

I am continuously updating these pages as I gather new information and as my projects progress. You will also find tidbits about who I am and some other random information that you just might find to be fascinating.

Before starting any of your own projects, please read the safety section.